Brain Drain and Health Workforce Distortions in Mozambique

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How does increased funding from international donors affect the health workforce in developing countries?  This paper by Kenneth Sherr, Antonio Mussa, Baltazar Chilundo, Sarah Gimbel, James Pfeiffer, Amy Hagopian, and Stephen Gloyd  describes how increases in health sector funding through global health initiatives in Mozambique may contribute to … Continued

Moving Mountains Trust

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Moving Mountains Trust is an independent non-profit working with local stakeholders in Kenya, Nepal and Borneo on sustainable solutions to social, economic and environmental problems.

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Based in Kansas City, MO, USA, is driving the water sector for new solutions, new financing models, greater transparency, and real partnerships to create lasting change. Their vision is: Safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all, in … Continued

Humanic Relief

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Humanic Relief is based in Austria and is committed to help people in need, especially children. Their mission is to make their suffering more bearable, assist them in particularly difficult times, to mitigate the horrors of war and poverty, and to give hope. … Continued

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